49s Results ➔ 2022-06-22

Here are the 49s results drawn on 2022-06-22. To view the interesting facts about any of the results on this page, click/tap the draw date. Details at the bottom of the page.
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49s Teatime ➔ 2022-06-22

221 41 22 5 1 1 14

Interesting about these 49s Teatime results

➔ There are 4 repeating decades in these set of lotto results.
➔ The lowest and highest numbers are only 22 numbers away from eachother.
➔ All these numbers were greater than the ones in the previous 49s.

49s Lunchtime ➔ 2022-06-22

104 32 30 6 0 2 12

Interesting about these 49s Lunchtime results

➔ A closer look reveals that numbers 2, 4, 19, 32 are all neighbors of the previously drawn numbers. 2 of them also repeating numbers.
➔ On the same day, at least 4 of these numbers have also been present in the following lotto results:
4 nrs. in the Sweden Lotto Onsdag (Lotto 1) results ➔ 2, 4, 16, 22

The small arrow at the top of each number represents the trend of that particular 49s number in relation to the previous draw.
A red arrow pointing upwards () means that the number is higher than the corresponding number in the previous draw while the blue arrow pointing downwards () shows that the number is lower than the previous corresponding number.
The green reload arrows icon () represents a repeating 49s number.

Under each set of 49s results you can see the brief statistics for those particular results.
Next to every statistical value there is an up, down or reload icon. They represent the trend of the certain statistical value in relation to those from the previous results.

Statistics values meaning (left to right)

  1. SUM of the numbers
  2. SUM of the digits that make up the numbers
  3. Range of numbers
  4. Evens
  5. Odds
  6. Smallest difference between any two adjacent numbers
  7. Greatest difference between any two adjacent numbers